Walk to Work

I thought it would be vaguely interesting to shoot some video of my walk to work. I always get my New York on a bit while in Grand Central as it feels like you have to be aggressive in order to stay on the line you want to walk. Way too many people wander aimlessly or simply cut in your path. Yesterday, was not a particularly busy day, but if nothing else you’ll get a sense of video quality of the N91. I simply held it mid-chest and walked from Grand Central to my office a few blocks away.

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3 Replies to “Walk to Work”

  1. It’s a nice video ! You can sense the atmosphere of New York !
    The quality of the video is Ok for a mobile phone ! It’s just a sample of all the things you can do with this mobile !

  2. Thansk – I’m sure You Tube cuts down th equality a degree as well.
    This is a VERY powerful device…

    Thanks for reading and for the traffic!

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