Nokia BH-800: Small is beautiful

I received my new Nokia BH-800 headset last night and man is this thing small. In addition to the diminutive scale, the build quality is excellent and most importantly the sound quality is very strong. I have not been able to test outdoors (the usual killer for headsets) but thus far my calls have been very clear for both me and the other party.

As you can see in this lovely phonecam shot, it’s very small…

I’ve paired the headset with my N70 (N91 in for repair) and it works very well – reconnecting even if you walk from the room and return while it’s in your pocket. The device itself supports Bluetooth 2.0 which is more future-proofing at this point as I don’t think I have any other 2.0 devices that I am aware of… My MacBookPro seems to like it and I’ve made a call through Skype as a test.

In the box was a necklace that allows the headset to clip-in for easy carrying, but when I put it on I got the “What the hell” is that reaction from my wife, so Nokia fails the WAF (wife approval factor) test on their fashion accessories. There was also a suede pouch for said necklace and headset as well as a small travel charger which as you would hope also works for the phone.

I’m very pleased with this purchase as I continue down the road of my full Nokia conversion.

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12 Replies to “Nokia BH-800: Small is beautiful”

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  2. maybe you could assist me. i purchased the bh-800 online, my first mistake, and it was great for a while, until it just stopped working. i was able to reboot once or twice with the adapter but can no longer do so. i have no idea what to do to repair it. i have heard of several other bh-800’s with the same problem.

  3. mine beeps 4 times every 10 seconds or so. Do you know what that is? I don’t see a red light flashing so I don’t think its the battery.

  4. I can get it to activate my voice dialing function. I only seems to want to redial. Is it because I’m not using a Nokia phone?

  5. Reset for Nokia BH-800: plug into power (red light on) depress the power button and the MIDDLE of the volume button. Even though the volume on this model is a “rocker” you will find that you are able to press it directly down. This should not clear your pairing settings.

  6. Mark…. It seems that it doesn’t work as described for voice activated dial. If I hold the button down as per the instruction my Windows Mobile phone redials.. if I just do a short press I get the voice active dialing.

    Think the manual is just back to front

  7. I cannot unmute the headset? I muted it days ago and cant get it to unmute. I have done the two types of resetting listed in the manual but still nothing? Any clues?

  8. Hey, Windows Mobile guy! I have been struggling with the same problem (not being able to activate voice dial from headset), until I figured out the solution by accident. It seems that the outside button simply redialed calls on my HTC PPC-6700, or sometimes did nothing at all. Even though I have the firmware update set-up to voice-dial through Bluetooth, the large outside button on the BH-800 would not activate this feature. I accidently pressed the power button (little black button on the back of the BH-800) while wearing it, and sure enough the voice-dialing tone sounded! It turns out that I just have to tap the little power button quickly on the BH-800 and then I can use voice dial without a problem. Simply tap it again to cancel or to ‘stop listening’. Strange, not sure why the mixup, but I’m guessing from this forum that my phone is not the only one that does this. Maybe Nokia crossed some wires. No biggy though, totally worth it once I figured this one out!

  9. Took me awhile to figure it out, but if you just tap the big silver button, it will activate the voice dialing feature, if you have it setup. By pressing and holding the big silver button, you will 1) do a redial of the most recent number in the missed call list and 2) if you hold it long enough, the headset will turn off. The last option is easier than finding the ON button on the back.

    My problem is with the silver cover. I have to sometimes, adjust the fit in my ear by turning it and I have apparently hit the combination that allows the silver cover to be removed. There are two tabs that line up with cut outs on the rubber case and the inner headset. I have tried aliging them and twisting to get it to lock without success. Anyone else have this problem? Oh, and it is partially held in by the magnetic pull of the speaker?

    Thanks and hope this helps someone.

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