MIghty Mouse in the house

Wireless Mighty Mouse

I ordered the WirelessMighty Mouse when it was announced yesterday and I love it. I’ve usedother wireless bluetooth mice, but this is a keeper. It’s very simple (Apple style) and yet has a great deal of functionality baked in. The stealth second button is pressure sensitive and it magically just works when you click down on the right side. The scroll ball is very slick. Imagine a scroll wheel that clicks, spins and slides any direction you need it, plus provides another button for launching apps – the default is for Expose.

As you can see from the control panel, there are quite a few options for making this more personal.  I know this is nothing new for users ofmore advanced pointing devices, but it’s great to see from Apple and again, it’s a really nice mouse.  The laser tracking actually enabled me to use it without mouse pad on my marble kitchen island. This has been impossible with every other device I’ve tried.

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