Music Service Roaming

Fred notes a problem and recommends a solution for sharing music regardless of how you choose to listen…

Some people use Napster. Some use Rhapsody. Some use Yahoo Music. I think these services should get together and let their users “roam” onto other networks. Let’s say my brother uses Napster and he wants to send me a link to a song by Gomez. He sends me a Napster link and I can’t listen. But I should be able to do that. Either translate that link to a Rhapsody link or let me log into Napster using my Rhapsody account. [A VC:]

I think it would be easiest to match this up with the Plays For Sure stores initially, but if I was Real, I’d want to get Rhapsody connected in this way as well. I thought one of the services actually offered a streaming option via the browser which would certainly work for emailed links… I have no experience here as none of the subscription music services support Mac or iPod in any way thanks to Windows only DRM.

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