Bandwagon is simple backup for your iTunes library!


Bandwagon which launches this week is going to enable simple point and click backup of your iTunes library to Amazon’s S3 storage cloud!! This is awesome! While I’ve got my library sitting on a local RAID, having an offsite location for over 200GB of data is a great feeling of security.

Seriously looking forward to trying this… If you have a blog and post about this page, you can get the first year free. Pricing looks like it will be about $99/year which is very reasonable in my opinion for this type of service.

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3 Replies to “Bandwagon is simple backup for your iTunes library!”

  1. How about which does exactly the same thing with a Windows, Mac and Linux client for $0?
    Sounds too good to be true, I Know. But I use it every day and it works.
    You get a 1Gb account free and are put on a waiting list for an unlimited account. My account was cleared a week later.
    As a bonus you even get online access, m3u lists, flash player etc + you choose the bitrate (up to the original bitrate).
    Don’t know how they are making money, but it works for me.

  2. Actually I was cleared last night but can’t get past the scanning phase. I’ve yet to upload anything…

    They have a client for Nokia tablets which is extra cool.

  3. It took about 3hours on my Mac mini g4 to scan 5000 songs and start uploading.
    Once the initial scan is doen, it works like a charm. Although you don’t want to quit the app or it has to re-scan everything.
    Putting it on Pause works well though

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