Fring could be a great mobile Twitter client…

Once IM support gets back into Twitter that is…

In case you don’t know Fring can let you connect to GoogleTalk, MSN, Skype and now SIP accounts all in one. It does eat a fair bit of memory and works the battery over pretty well while it’s running, but overall it’s a really nice application. If you have 3G data or wifi on your device you can make VOIP calls which is always a good thing.

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7 Replies to “Fring could be a great mobile Twitter client…”

  1. The new version of IM+ looks cool too. Supports AIM and other services. Almost as good as Agile Messenger…. until Agile decided to charge $$$

  2. I miss AIM on Fring and hope it gets added soon…

    IM+ is a nice app for sure – though Agile Messenger always felt more polished to me, and perhaps is why it’s not free.

  3. Hi all,

    I have been using Fring since it has supported my N93 and although I only use it for Skype calls over WiFi I think it is a great app and so far as performed really well no problems at all I love it a truly great app and service.


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