AT&T to speed up HSDPA, adding dozens of new markets … just not for the iPhone

Can we start getting seriously frustrated now for real that the iPhone won’t do 3G? Steve said there is not enough coverage… well not anymore and with a 2 yr contract locking you into EDGE, I think people are going to be pissed. BTW — The iPhone is allegedly due on June 11, just in time for WWDC. There’s always the opportunity for One More Thing at the keynote but I’m not holding me breath.

According to Kris Rinne, AT&T’s executive vice president of network planning and architecture, the company will be rolling out the software upgrade over the course of 2007 and will likely begin offering compatible PC cards by mid-year.

HSDPA focuses on downlink speeds, and the HSUPA upgrade speeds the uplink from the device to the network; AT&T’s wireless network would then be considered HSPA. Rinne said that from current uplink peak speeds of 384 kilobits per second and averages of 150 to 200 kbps, the HSUPA upgrade will put uplink peak speeds in the range of 1.5 megabits per second.

AT&T executives said separately yesterday that the carrier expects to add another 58 to 65 HSDPA markets by the end of the year. RCR Wireless News:

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5 Replies to “AT&T to speed up HSDPA, adding dozens of new markets … just not for the iPhone”

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  2. FYI, the contract doesn’t lock you into EDGE, it only locks you to AT&T. Once apple comes out with a 3G iphone, then you can just upgrade and sell your old one on ebay or something.

  3. Yeah, my HTC TyTn II works on HSDPA as well… its just too bad the windows mobile OS is such a mess. I had to spend hours customizing it just to make the various screens and applications useful.

    I’ll definately be switching to a 3G iphone as soon as they become available in the US, I think apple should have included 3G from the start I wouldn’t care if the battery didn’t last as long. I considered the N95 as well but I didn’t enjoy the Symbian OS either and it was much cheaper to get the TyTn since lots of people are selling them due to the video driver problem (which is likely to be fixed soon anyway)

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