N95 – Video Fun

I’ve been having a great time with the N95 and especially the video feature. I find the quality to be outstanding and it’s very responsive once activated (takes a few seconds to initiate). The video is crisp and clear and sounds great too.

Last night I recorded a small adventure for our cat who escaped through an open door on our deck. Here are a few samples I thought I’d share so you could get a feel for things as well. The first is the straight video, the second is edited with music on the N95 and the third is a Muvee I auto-generated. I’ll have to spend more time with the editing ability as this is actually pretty amazing — there’s a timeline and you can add and merge multiple clips. I ended up killing off the music only portion in Quicktime at my desk… Muvee outputs a file that can be sent via MMS so the quality and length are quite different.

(Please don’t mind the lawn … we’ve had some excavating done here in past months and are working on growing things back)


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