Testing Video Services

I was all pumped about Vimeo recently as I like the compression they use for Flash. Viddler seems to do much the same if not even better and gets away with the upload limit — always a good thing. I just realized though that Blip.TV is by far the best for higher quality, larger video.

Here’s a sample (from our recent storm) I’ve posted to Viddler:

and on Blip:

I’ve already reached my max on Vimeo for the week so no chance to upload this file.

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9 Replies to “Testing Video Services”

  1. Great job comparing the two. I think I may switch to Viddler for my “Driving with the Guru” series. I like the interactivity ALOT.

  2. Thanks – Viddler definitely kills the rest with all you can do from within the video… Blip just delivers maximum quality. I’m shooting 1080i video now and want the highest reproduction I can get for sharing.

  3. This is impressive!

    Viddler is extremly cool if its about an interview or some other sort of “Fast Food Video”. But Blip really kicks it in terms of quality. On the otherhand one really has to wait a long time till the video has loaded. At least with my 1 MBit line.

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