Apple is the King for Product Demos

This iPhone overview is the best product demo I’ve seen. Well worth the time whether you are looking to get one or not. Other companies should be paying attention to how solid this is… feature complete and dead simple.

Apple updated the site today as well with quite a bit of new info.

It’s (not so) hard to believe that everyone has been doing this just wrong essentially until now. Motorola, LG Sony Ericsson and Nokia it’s time to wake up!

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5 Replies to “Apple is the King for Product Demos”

  1. This is sooo much better than a feature list with screenshots! Yes, ALL companies who sell and market consumer products should follow Apple’s example here.

  2. Just finished watching it . . .

    Apple have a real air of confidence about them at the moment, and when you watch something as good as this you can understand why!

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