Nokia acquires Twango… a few quick thoughts

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Nokia has announced they’ve acquired Twango for around $90 millon! Twango is a social media site that lets you share photos and video from your mobile or computer. I just signed up and have a few observations.

  • I’ve got no idea how long this was in the works, but where’s the Web Upload configuration for N-Series devices??? Email works from every device, but is a more a pain than anything as it tends to hog the device when you send massive files. I like how you can download vcards for each of the folders you set-up. That’s a nice touch and something most sites that use email as the method do not use. I had them emailed opened and synced to my iPhone in a few minutes.
  • Contacts, the key to all social networks… Where’s the upload my address book feature to search against existing registrants and to enable me to invite my friends who’ve yet to sign up?
  • Limits on uploads suck. Sorry it just does. I previously mentioned how much I enjoyed Vimeo, but found the limits, well limiting for my needs and moved on without looking back. Twango allows the same 250MB per week… If you’ve used the later model N-Series devices, you know it’s easy to get 70-90MB files with a quick video. Do that a few times a few along with your photos and you’ve reached your limit. Choose to share other media from your desktop, and you are over.
  • The site looks good and is certainly easy to use, though a way to play videos on their existing page would be nice. It’s a fresh start here unless you’ve got some way to do a bulk upload (without bumping into the file allowance) and could be a slow transition.

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4 Replies to “Nokia acquires Twango… a few quick thoughts”

  1. Apparently Twango is the product of some Microsoft refugees and Nokia’s acquisition has more than a few people scratching their heads. I’m sure you’ve mentioned it in earlier posts, but can you remind me what your preferred x-media mobile platform is?

  2. Definitely an odd choice – though they did acquire Loudeye last year and have done nothing obvious there.

    Mobile media sharing / consumption is tricky. It’s easy to use Shozu on an S60 device to upload to most sites (not viddler unfortunately) but watching it all is not that simple. You can do YouTube on the iPhone (if it’s been converted to H.264) or the S60 devices again via the Video Player or I view pics on flickr easily enough in

    There’s no easy one-stop for everything you might want. Perhaps this is the logic behind the acquisition… though time will tell.

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