All Hail the US HSDPA Nokia N95!

iPhone or not, I want this phone!! No memory issues AND 3G which I’ve just noticed is finally available where I live!

This new Nokia N95 offers North American 3G/HSDPA/UMTS compatibility while retaining all the award-winning functionality of the existing Nokia N95. In addition, a number of new product upgrades have been added including: assisted GPS (A-GPS) for faster navigational fixes, 124MB of RAM to complement the included 1GB microSD memory card and the 160MB internal memory, and a higher capacity battery for extended operating time.

The Nokia N95 is expected to start shipping in September to a growing number of independent retailers in major markets including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco, as well as the Nokia Flagship Stores in New York and Chicago.

The Nokia N95 will also be available from Nokia’s online store ( and multiple online retailers with an estimated retail price of $699. []

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10 Replies to “All Hail the US HSDPA Nokia N95!”

  1. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that AT&T will start selling the N95 this month and that Nokia will drop the price to be more competitive with the iPhone.

    Have you heard in anything to that affect?

  2. Nothing directly about this, but there was an old rumor floating that ATT (at the time Cingular) would be getting this device and there is Nokia N-Series event in LA at the end of the month …

    It could happen but I’m not holding my breath. The price is high, but with the enhancements this newer N95 would be well worth it!

  3. I don’t think we’ll see a US carrier-branded N95 anytime soon. Of course it’s just my opinion, but with all of the US distributor agreements that Nokia has recently put in place it would be a HUGE slap in the face to Dell/etc…

  4. They could have their cake and eat it too … sell a subsidized (and likely limited to carrier service) version as well as unlocked and serve a broader market. Unlikely though.

  5. Agreed that it’s unlikely – typical US users don’t know much if anything about carrier limitations vs unlocked devices and would likely never pay $700 for a device from Dell that they could get for $300-$400 with an AT&T contract.

    Btw a few of this morning’s speed tests on the N95 have jumped just over 1200Mbps! 😉

  6. I’m a bit confused. Nokia made the announcement that they’ll be releasing a U.S. version of the N95, but I’m reading… it’s “unlikely” that we’ll see a U.S. carrier pick it up. Huh? It seems to me that if Nokia went through the trouble of tweaking their phone for U.S. high-speed data networks — specifically HSDPA — then it would make since for AT&T (AFAIK the only HSDPA carrier) to start offering it as soon as it becomes available for mass distribution.

  7. Nokia has been pushing unlocked…

    Love to see a carrier here, but they’ve not landed a carrier for a premium level device in quite a while. The last one was the N75 (took MANY MONTHS) after the device was ready and it’s crippled. E62 is a crap version of the E61 with a slower processor and no WiFi.

    Agree ATT makes good sense and is logical for the N95, but I would actually rather just see it available as an unlocked device sold in a lot of locations, than butchered by ATT with their music store, their ringtones, no VOIP etc…

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