Google Sync For Blackberry

Gogle Sync for Blackberry

If you browse to the Google Mobile Site on your blackberry today, you’ll see a Sync app at the bottom of the page. Once installed your Blackberry will be able to automatically sync all your calendars to the Google Calendar in the sky. Initially it syncs your main calendar, but it’s easy with the options setting to choose additional calendars if you like. Sync seems to happen in the background and automatically just like you already know with the rest of the blackberry PIM system syncs.

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3 Replies to “Google Sync For Blackberry”

  1. noticed this the other night, but really want a sync for nokia s60 and one which syncs your contacts, email and calendar combined. Here’s hoping it comes soon.

  2. I agree Jon, Google sync with my e70 would make me use Google calendar over 30boxes.

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