A mobile opportunity

Here’s a free idea. I can’t imagine I am even the first to suggest this either but there is clearly a need for devices catered to middle aged eyes.

In my daily travels I see more older people struggling to read their blackberries using the largest font and less than a foot from their face. It seems silly that we as people need to struggle like this just because the device guys have decided a 2.x inch screen is the way to for everyone. Not only does the larger font reduce the additional (and helpful) information it makes reading thing more difficult. Lines and paragraphs wrap poorly and it seems to take people a longer time to process.

While there a few devices that cater to seniors, these tend to eliminate functions rather than simply work in a slightly larger package. There’s plenty of room for a slightly larger device which still fits in your pocket or bag.

I still have some time to go myself and am fortunate enough to not yet need glasses… Though the clock is ticking.

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