Samsung’s OmniaHD is seriously impressive!

In a word … WOW!

I’ve never seen this touch UI in action and love the widgets and transitions.  Samsung really shows the potential for S60 here given that it’s running on S60 5th edition like the Nokia 5800 and N97 yet with a considerably higher degreee of gloss.  I don’t have any sense of how the battery lasts through all this HD action either, but it’s certainly a gorgeous looking device!

via S60 Blogs

5 Replies to “Samsung’s OmniaHD is seriously impressive!”

  1. I hope they come out with a US 3G version. AFAIK, only the Euro 3G variant has been announced.

  2. Hey man,

    I had hands on at MWC and I can tell you really, really – the Omnia leaves a LOT to be desired…

    I was shocked at how bad it was actually.

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