Lenovo IdeaPad ION Powered Netbook Coming

Lenovo IdeaPad

Portable Monkey brings some news about an upcoming Lenovo IdeaPad 12″ netbook and I am lusting for it. As much as I love my Samsung NC10 (writing this on it), I can’t help but find it lacking on a few fronts and ION seeks to remedy that.

Of course the netbook is a compromise, but after almost 6 months of regular use, I miss the oomph of a more powerful system. I would also love to have a bit more screen resolution and the new Lenovo seems to cover off on both bases. The Sammy’s video performance is very average though that’s apparently how it works with the Intel Atom integrated graphics solution.

I’ve not seen any updates that would propose to offer anything better than what I have in the initial Atom product. Until now … ION will definitely offer MORE. I look forward to tracking the updates on this as it gets closer to release … hopefully the battery tax won’t be substantial.

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