Nokia suggests waiting just one more year

I missed this piece while writing my last post. It doesn’t say anything too specific about the higher end market (like nothing) but does indicate we’ll keep on waiting to see what Nokia has in store … I’m looking forward to seeing how the service integration evolves is revealed.

(Nokia’s executive vice-president and head of the mobile phones, Rick Simonson) I can even make a prediction for 2010: In Latin America, we will grow faster than them. By 2011, our efforts will start producing results, as we will be at par with Apple and RIM in smartphones. Not only we draw level with them, we will also win the war because, in addition to email, we will be adding content, chat, music, entertainment and several other features, which will soon become very critical for success of any company in this space.

Another crucial factor that will play a large role in our success is that we have the power of open operating system coupled with the open distribution model that is not restricted by geographical or technology boundaries. Look at our targets for any segment of our devices for 2010 — they are all 2-10 times that of any of our competitors. via The Economic Times.

3 Replies to “Nokia suggests waiting just one more year”

  1. Those are real targets set by Nokia. Yet if even when they hit them, Apple stock will probably rise faster than Nokia stock.

  2. I'm not doubting Nokia's targets. They just seem to think people are going to wait for their next round of greatness while instead we deal with mediocrity. Innovation is not happening and the mindshare and market-share are moving elsewhere. They can make all the phones for emerging markets they want and I'll respect that, but can't believe how they've literally conceded the higher end high margin sector by trying to pass off the same old busted BS.

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