Please don’t turn location updates into info spam

As more people start to use location services like Foursquare  Gowalla we are starting to see an influx of I’m here posts across Twitter and Facebook which is annoying but more importantly carries no value.

In my own usage I find that the pure check-in action stays within the location network.  Anyone who’s linked to me there can see that as desired.  By choosing not to share that simple pin on the map claim, I’m doing two things … not sharing my location directly and reserving the attention any social network friends might have for something I actually have to say.    If I have something to say about the location I’m in, I might choose to push that out to both twitter and Facebook as an update to add a bit of additional context to what I’m doing.

Location should be something of interest.  When we can connect to each other in a meaningful way, things get interesting and should add value to the potential of our conversations as well as lead to potential experiences.

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  1. I absolutely agree. People need to take time to consider what they publish to twitter. We are too eager to allow any service to update twitter and in doing so create a less valuable stream.

    You said it well, “Location should be something of interest.” If the update is intended to invite others to your location of you have something of interest to share then by all means, do so. However, the mundane check ins are annoying.

    Nice post. Found it via @KenCamp. Here's my take on geolocation services where I touch on the same issue. Mobile social networks great for places not people

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