Cord Cutting … not happening any time too soon

Gizmodo has an excellent piece covering the challenges of cord cutting for mainstream consumers based on a research project conducted by Hill Holiday over the holidays.

The biggest takeaway for me is just how much we techies take for granted about how TV works.  Sure there’s a bunch of crap on most of the time, but the relative mindless companionship TV offers offsets this quite nicely.  I don’t mean that in a negative way either.  People are accustomed to tuning in to tune out.

An Experiment In Cord Cutting from Hill Holliday on Vimeo.

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  1. …interesting video. These old people (typically afraid of the internet) were never given digital rabbit-ears for local content and hi-def broadcast TV; that was an intentional omission. Like the guy in the video said, his age-group is passive in using TV to keep themselves company; a kind of ‘adult broadcast babysitter’. While the Roku is very popular, it’s picture is rated the lowest. The teens in the video are perhaps the rarest of boys unfamiliar w/ the XBox 360. Lastly, those of us cutting the cord tend to heavily be younger movie fans and internet mavens, not older adherents to obsolete tech.

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