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Cycling Tips has a great interview with Michael Horvath, the CEO and Founder of Strava.  If you’ve been around me at all you know I love Strava and use it passionately to track and share my rides as well as my (less frequent) runs.

Strava very smartly filled the hole left by Nike+ for cycling though took it up a notch as well given the upper end athletic focus.  The somewhat recent addition of running makes it ideal for the multi-sport athlete and the social features and data viz make it habit forming.   Just about everyone I ride with uses it and speaks Strava as well.  I recommend the interview and of course the service as well.

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  1. What kind of computer do you use, and are you happy with it? I’m thinking of switcing my Cat Eye for a Garmin Edge 500.

  2. I have the Garmin Edge 500 which was an upgrade from the 305.  It’s very nice … small and works great.  I debated the 800 but really don’t need turn by turn directions though the mapping is much better on the more expensive unit.  You get a pencil line breadcrumb thing on the 500 … but I generally don’t run courses as much as just scan my data anyway. 

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