Why Beats/Daisy will be different

I don’t disagree necessarily but this is a pretty arrogant perspective. I would welcome more highly discoverable, great music in my life. I don’t want it programmed in an expected way however and historically our good friends in the music industry haven’t helped the situation.

Why Beats/Daisy will be different: [Other music subscription] companies, these services, all lack curation. They call it curation; there’s no curation. That’s what we did as a record label, we curated. There’s 150 white rappers in America; we served you one. We are heavy on curation, and we believe it’s a combination of human and math. But it’s a give and take. Right now, somebody’s giving you 12 million songs, and you give them your credit card, and they tell you “good luck.” You need to have some kind of help. I’m going to offer you a guide. You don’t have to use it, but it’s going to be there, and it’s going to be a trusted voice, and it’s going to be really good. via AllThingsD

See you in late Q3 if they keep schedule.

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  1. I have to tell you that I have discovered more music through Pandora and MOG (on radio setting) than I ever did with the labels. Like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Facundo Cabral, Hugh Masekela, Parov Stelar, Black Keys. With the exception of the Black Keys, no major label would ever push these niche artists.

    It sounds like they are trying to fix something that is not really broken and is in fact getting better and better.

  2. I’ve had decent success with spotify and Pandora mainly through radio functions. Exploring other artists or having then promoted to me to make it easier doesn’t seem to happen.

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