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Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

The Mobile Content Explosion: In October of 2013, Softbank Capital made a $1.5B USD investment in Supercell, the maker of two successful mobile games, giving Softbank a 51% ownership of the game maker. This investment caught the world’s attention. – by Simon Khalaf – Tags: Mobile, content, explosion, Flurry, Softbank, Supercell, app, app development, growth –

How I Built a Performant and Measurable Content Marketing Engine: In almost every industry, startups and venture capital included, content marketing has become an essential tool for growth. –

A New Way to Look at Competitors: Every startup I see invariably puts up a competitive analysis slide that plots performance on a X/Y graph with their company in the top right. The slide is a holdover from when existing companies launched products into crowded markets. –

How Tesla Protects The Romance Of Driving While Disrupting The Industry: It’s one thing to design a car. It’s another to create the first vehicle for a brand founded on the goal of making electric cars sexy, mainstream, and a threat to the rest of the automobile industry. “No pressure,” said Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer of Tesla Motors. –

Mobile Browser Share: Android may have 80% of the smartphone market, but Android phone owners don’t seem to be doing much on them. Specifically, when it comes to mobile Web browsing, Apple’s Safari browser for the iPhone has the largest mobile browser market share by a longshot. – by Steve Kovach – Tags: Chart Of The Day, Apple, iOS, Google, Android, Safari, Steve Kovach –

Why do people hate Henry Blodget?: When Sarah Lacy announced at one of our live events that Business Insider founder Henry Blodget would be a guest at PandoMonthly NYC, she heard actual hisses from the audience. Like the kind reserved for silent movie villains with twirled mustaches. – by David Holmes –

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