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Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

Sun expected to ‘flip upside down’ as magnetic field reverses its polarity: The sun’s magnetic field is about to flip upside down as it reverses its polarity. In August Nasa said the reversal would happen in three to four months time, although that it would be impossible to pinpoint a more specific date. – by Lucy Kinder – Tags: Space,Science –

From touch screen to touch world – welcome to mobile 2.0: Companies that make it possible for consumers to touch the real world will win as mobile becomes the platform. The world is going mobile (we know, we know) and everyone should be building for this world. – by Phineas –

Despite Financial Concerns, Cities Are Doubling Down on Bike-Share: Ongoing financial problems at PBSC (also known as Bixi), the Montréal-based bike-share equipment company, continue to ripple across North America. But even so, the continuing popularity of bike-share with the public is leading cities with PBSC contracts to call for expansion of their systems. –

Leonid meteor shower will peak this weekend: Skywatchers, rejoice! The Leonid meteor shower, an annual mid-November treat, will be coming to a sky near you this weekend. The peak of the shower will be visible both Saturday and Sunday nights, according to EarthSky magazine. – by Doyle Rice, USA TODAY –

Gmail is boiling the frog – and we are the frog: Summary: Google’s steady push to become an intermediary for all of our communications comes at a cost – but do we care anymore about paying it? Judging by the results of the latest ZDNet Great Debate, the answer is… ribbit. – by David Braue –

Awesome List Of Google Now Voice Commands: In the new Android 4.4 update, Google has highly integrated its personal assistant Google Now into the KitKat home screen. It has now a dedicated panel, which can be accessed with a swipe to the left. – by Marc Knoll –

Samsung Mobile-made infographic boasts its achievements in 2013: x PhoneArena is looking for new authors! To view all available positions, click here. – by Chris P. –

Impressions: Our first day with the PlayStation 4 is full of surprises: We’ve had our very own PlayStation 4 here in the Ars Orbiting HQ for a little under 24 hours—not quite enough time to dig into things for a comprehensive review of a new game console. At the time of this writing, Sony has yet to enable the firmware version 1. – by Kyle Orland –

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