Unnecessary use of location services


Fandango is looking to track us ..: or at least that’s the impression this implementation of location services suggests. The “while using” option would be totally fine and expected and is what Movie Tickets has opted to do. Apple pushed the reminder about location being used in the background which is what suggested I even look …

I’m sure there’s a built in response for that’s how we can deliver “at theater” value but the main use case here is drop the tickets into passbook.

Quick update … Just got another notice for Apple’s Trailers app which also uses the same mechanism for location. Maybe I’m over thinking this but it really seems like overkill.

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  1. I think that’s basically been because the “while using” was added in iOS8 and applications that have not been updated and rebuilt against the iOS8 SDK don’t have that option yet – and it maybe configurable so that the app developer can choose to skip the setting. That said, yeah, I agree with you. Other than Maps, and Dropbox, I see no reason for any app to have anything other than “while using” as an option.

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