ZeFrank on Travel

I’ve got a trip to London tomorrow and happened to catch this clip from ZeFrank which really just made my day. While heading to new places sounds exciting it’s always a grind no matter how you slice it.

I’m getting picked up at 5:30am for an 8:30 flight and will land at 8:30PM GMT – or British Summer Time as my colleagues across the pond have been calling it. Nice way to fully kill the day AND get jet lag as a bonus door prize. See you on the other side!

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VW on You Tube and beyond

OK I’ll bite. I received a video link from an “anonymous” friend on You Tube… (just learned it was from my dad and You Tube did not carry forward his name or email) Seems based on the other videos posted by user lowblackdub that this is a viral move by VW and one I really like. I’ve been checking out the new GTI commercials on TV and like them quite a bit, though this one takes a completely different perspective and does not include the “bad influence” creature I’ve been seeing. VW has really done a great job using the web for a different spin from TV which is great to see. They’ve clearly planned differently for the different channels… The main VW site has a nice extension of this video with the sub-site for the GTI MK V…

It features Peter Stormare, the Nihilist from The Big Lebowski among other Coen Brother’s films like Fargo.

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The BBC has produced a mobile Hitchhiker’s Guide… H2G2. Works great on my Treo and I would imagine it works great on pretty much any connected device.

Google Maps +Craigslist Housing

This is one of those must see things. Paul Rademacher hooked up Craigs housing listings to Google Maps so you can browse visually by quite a few major metros. Just awesome!

Check this out. A truly amazing combination of Craig’s List housing ads with Google Maps. This is exactly why databases should be opened up. If this was handled at the corporate level, a) it would never get done and b) it would take forever. Instead, since both are accessible, some clever person can just…do it. [Gary Stein]


Last night I discovered Blokus.

Blokus is simple to understand, but very hard to master. I’ve actually only played a few games but immediately found the official version for Palm so I could play while on the go. There are online versions as well as board game versions. Boing Boing described it as a cross between Tetris and Go and that gives you a picture at least of what it’s like, though until you actually play, you won’t fully understand.