Cat Show

After a bit of debate from me, I caved and we checked out the cat show on Sunday…

cat show ticket

While there were many crazy cat ladies…older single women who have chosen cats as their companions in an obsessive way. Decked out in full cat-wear – either leopard silky draped cape-like things or cat sweaters and shirts and showing off their cats or simply gawking at the fluffiness. Don’t get me wrong we have two cats at home and like cats, but this was so over the top…

cat lady

The highlight of the day was meeting Colin Powell. Not the Secretary of State mind you, but the famous cat, born on 9/11… While Colin Powell has a pretty busy schedule and could not be disturbed to visit the cat show with his name sake he apparently made some time at the office… Colin Powell (the cat) signed the swag for us and during the brief time we spent admiring him, we learned he had beaten out 24,000 other cats to be recognized as The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc National Best Cat 2004.

cat lady
cat lady

Partly Cloudy or Partly Sunny?

I love this email exchange just forwarded my way from my Uncle, a self-proclaimed anal retentive word-wonk, perhaps even the most anal retentive word-wonk.

—– Original Message —–
From: Brian Greene
Date: Saturday, September 11, 2004 11:33 am
Subject: terminology

After wondering about this for years, I just read your page on weather terminology and am still somewhat confused. What, if any, is the difference between “partly cloudy” and “partly sunny”?

Brian Greene


From: “W-Lmk Webmaster”
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 21:38:41 -0400
To: W-Lmk Webmaster

One additional note from my email exchange requesting permission to post this:

I did realize, however, after I sent my response to their response, that it would make absolutely no sense to use the term, “partly sunny” at night!! Also, my math was inaccurate. If total cloud cover is 3/8, there are not “still more clouds than sun.” Still. I think it’s amusing for the National Weather Service to admit that the two terms mean the same thing. I also seem to recall both terms being used during the day, so…???!!!!????

Cellphones, Say Hello to iTunes

I imagine this is only the beginning…

Starting next year, users of Apple Computer’s iTunes music service will be able to play songs on some Motorola cellphones. The new cellphones will ship with new Apple software, called iTunes Mobile Music.

For Apple, the deal could help it keep the lead in the online music market, which promises to get even more competitive later this year with the arrival of Microsoft.

Customers of iTunes will be able to transfer possibly a dozen to a few dozen songs from their PC or Mac to their phone over a cable or wireless connection, said Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive. [The New York Times]

Office Space Wars

In honor of Friday…courtesy of Boing Boing! It’s a 30 MB WMV movie… for when you click the link.

Office Space Wars is one of the funniest amateur video projects I’ve ever seen: it’s a remake of Office Space, set in the Star Wars Universe, with Vader as the bad boss, Jar Jar as the stapler guy, and R2D2 as the bad printer.

Larry David footage clears alleged Murderer

My uncle just emailed this to me… from the Curb Your Enthusiasm newsletter… and I thought I liked Larry David!

A Los Angeles man was cleared of a murder charge with the help of one of last season’s Curb episodes. Juan Catalan claimed he was at a Dodgers game when the murder he was accused of occurred. It so happened that the day he claimed he had attended a game (May 12 of last year) was also the day that a crew filmed scenes in Dodger stadium for an episode (“The Car Pool Lane“) of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David let Catalan’s attorney view all of the footage from the shoot. The lawyer spotted Catalan in a shot and it was used to clear his client.

Are You a Geek?

Geek good. Dork bad.

It is funny how terms that were originally mean to be derogatory eventually are embraced by the group with the label. Sometimes the term flips 180 degrees and becomes complementary. Such it is with “geek” which now seems to be synonymous with “extremely proficient with” (as in “computer geek”). [mecurious]

BuzzWhack: Meetings

Today’s BuzzWhack is great for anyone in business…

MEETINGS: Meetings have become so tainted they now go by a number of other names. These definitions from a recent Jared Sandberg column in the Wall Street Journal were so accurate BuzzWhack decided to share them with its readers:

BRIEFINGS — meetings that last longer than intended

SEMINARS — expensive meetings with handouts

PRESENTATIONS — meetings preceded and followed by many other meetings

VIDEOCONFERENCES — meetings with technical difficulties

CONFERENCE CALLS — meetings with eye-rolling

Star Wars Kid versus Kill Bill

Stop what you are doing right now and watch this… absolutely hilarious!

This is the best internet video mashup evar: the Star Wars Kid (a net-icon famous for having captured his Darth Maul light-staff fights on video, thus becoming the subject of Internet mockery, which led to really bogus lawsuit) matted extremely well into the Kill Bill trailer. I am in awe of the video effects wizardry here.

2.2MB WMV Link

Alternate Link [Boing Boing]