Pummelvision is pretty cool

My Pummelvision from Jonathan Greene on Vimeo.

This probably has more meaning to me than you being from my 2000 last images on Flickr, but it’s still quite cool. I wish it included pictures i had marked private since i authorized my account. The family portion of my biographical view is light, and Flickr has a pretty solid record stored. Anyway, as I watched I was able to reflect on the the pretty amazing world travels I’ve had over the past couple of years … Certainly looks like I like gadgets and particularly phones. But I’m sure you already knew that.

10 Principles To Work By

Here’s a great list to start your week …

In 1951, Dentsu’s president, Yoshida-san, came up with these ten principles. They ring true, six decades down the line.
1. Create work for yourself; don’t wait for work to be assigned to you.
2. Take an active role in all your endeavours, not a passive one.
3. Seek out large and complex jobs. Trivial tasks debase you.
4. Welcome difficult assignments. Choose them. Progress lies in accomplishing difficult work.
5. Once you begin a task, complete it. Never give up.
6. Lead your fellow workers. Be an example for them to follow.
7. Set goals for yourself to ensure a constant sense of purpose. This will give you perseverance and hope for the future.
8. Move with confidence. Confidence gives your work force, focus and substance.
9. Find new solutions. This is the way we ensure satisfactory service.
10. When conflict is necessary don’t shy away from it or be afraid. Conflict is the mother of progress and the source of aggressive enterprise. If you fear conflict, you will become timid and servile.

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I have no interest in a minivan …

But I love the writing here ….

I think we all know what the stigma here is: To be seen driving a minivan is to admit to a kind of shameful domesticity, an existence of postsexual nullity and a state of parental slavery, ever orbiting from school, to grocery store, to ballet lessons, to games, like some suburban Flying Dutchman.

However, as the father of twin 3-year-olds, I have never suffered from minivan embarrassment. After all, nothing says “stud” quite like a minivan. Through the lens of evolutionary biology, females look at men driving minivans as far more likely to continue their genetic coding, to invest in their offspring, than some dork in a Lamborghini. Yes, indeed, the lure of a minivan is primal. WSJ.com

iAd disaster

Surprise your phone doesn’t respond … Oh that’s because you’ve got a tornado ripping through things. I tried to snap a few more screenshot while this was happening but the iPhone was locked up. The “skip this ad” option popped up after the interruption resolved. Good thing Apple approves all this work.

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How to make sure no one replies via barcode

I’ve been seeing this ad for FinnAir on MetroNorth a bit and every time I am struck by how poor this is … Barcode response has only started to gain traction and unlike some of the work that is happening with ScanLife, FinnAir chose to leave this code generic and up to the viewer to decided how to respond. Download the app of your choice and then come back to this … Guessing response is quite low. Almost by design…

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Road-legal Tron Light-cycles for sale

Who’s ready to race?

Begin forwarded message:

> > > Custom bike builders Parkers Brothers Choppers are selling five, full size,
> working Tron Light cycles with a starting price of $35,000 each.
> > > The bikes are yet to be built but Parkers claim they’ll feature hubless
> wheels, carbon-fibre bodywork and neon lighting behind plexiglass panels.
> > Parkers are planning a run of five bikes, each one a different colour. A
> $5000 deposit will start the build, progress will be broadcast on You Tube.
> > The bikes are being sold through US E-bay and Parkers claim only five will
> ever be built. Build time is expected to be between six and eight weeks,
> just in time for the USA launch of the new Hollywood film Tron Legacy.
> > Parker Brothers Choppers (321) 960-0756
> 1243 N. Harbour City Blvd.,Melbourne FL 32935
> parkerbrotherschoppers@yahoo.com


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@Boarding on Twitter

@boarding is a pretty cool social connector I’ve just discovered on Twitter. By checking in on Foursquare, my tweet notified @boarding which has subsequently revealed other Twitter users at the airport.

I don’t know any of these people (yet) but it’s still pretty slick. I like this quite a bit more than the meetgatsby project which offers considerably less utility based on the more random proximity of the potential connections.

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