AOL Chairman’s No. 1 Ally

AOL Chairman’s No. 1 Ally Turns Into His Biggest FoeAOL Chairman’s No. 1 Ally Turns Into His Biggest Foe. Two years after America Online agreed to acquire Time Warner, Ted Turner has soured on both the merger and Stephen Case, its principal architect.

Not quite the glory days for Ted and his views of the company two years ago when we was quoted as saying that the merger of AOL and Time Warner could be compared to “the first time I made love.”

Microsoft Rivals Leave Minor Marks

Microsoft Rivals Leave Minor Marks Online : The latest Mozilla and Netscape Web browsers are cropping up on more computers worldwide, but they still only represent a few trees in a forest of Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. (CNET via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]

I think this story will be interesting one to track… The Mozilla project is spawning all kinds of fruit these days with Mozilla, Netscape 7, AOL and now Chimera and Phoenix. All come from the same roots but all are out to serve a different purpose. It’s no secret here, that my choice today is Chimera. It’s only at .5 Beta but looks to be a strong contender. The trick, I think as has been mirrored in newsgroups for the browsers as well, is tracking the variants both as separate browsers and also as a total. Right now they all seem to identitfy themselves to web servers as the same.

Just noticed an interesting feature

Just noticed an interesting feature in Mail. I filter messages from a group on Radio Userland to a specific folder on the topic as well as retain a subfolder for news that my RSS aggregator emails to me so I can post from mail. I decided to move the folder and actually rename it as well. I thought that Mail would be smart enough to realize that I moved it and adjust the Rule accordingly. Instead, it re-created the folder (mailbox in parlance) and the subfolder in order to correctly filter.

You can’t create a mailbox/folder while creating a rule, but the rule can create a mailbox if the reference changes…

Porn Spam: It’s Getting Raunchier.

Porn Spam: It’s Getting Raunchier. Disturbing, explicit and sometimes-illegal pornographic images are popping up more and more, unsolicited, in e-mail boxes everywhere. Observers worry even the sickest perversions may become more mainstream as a result. By Julia Scheeres. [Wired News]

This morning I had 20 pieces of spam waiting for me (in the Junk folder) when I first checked mail… Sure the occasional (prob – 5-6/day) spam messages get by the filter, but the amount of time I spend dealing with Spam has been greatly reduced. I used to use Entourage, but I had to create all kinds of filters – if not in my addressbook, if one of my 5 email addresses is not actually listed…you get the idea.

The other main issue I had was that Mail to the best of my knowledge seems to be “smarter” in managing my filters. Based on the sequential way Entourage handled my 30+ filters, I had to be careful where in my list of rules any news ones were to go. It was very easy to send mail to the wrong place or not send it at all if a rule cancelled another out.

I get a serious amount of spam each day and to know that my mail client is intelligent enough to make the decision to pre-sort for me is just a wonderful thing.

BTW – there were another 3 messages waiting in the Junk folder for my easy deletion when I finished writing this…

30/09/2002 – 07:51:34 Rudolph Giuliani

30/09/2002 – 07:51:34 Rudolph Giuliani asked US President George Bush three days after the September 11 attacks whether he could personally execute Osama bin Laden if US forces caught him. Pic: AP

Rudolph Giuliani asked US President George Bush three days after the September 11 attacks whether he could personally execute Osama bin Laden if US forces caught him.

The revelations by the former New York mayor come in a new book, Leadership, which goes on sale in the US tomorrow.

ãI am sure he thought I was just speaking rhetorically,ä Giuliani wrote of the presidentâs reaction.

ãBut I was serious. Bin Laden had attacked my city, and as its mayor I had the strong feeling that I was the most appropriate person to do it.ä

Giuliani also writes about the fire-fighters who died in the collapse of the World Trade Centreâs twin towers.

Many were killed because they ignored orders to evacuate, not because of lapses in training or communications, he said.

ãThey were not going to abandon ship,ä the former mayor said.

© Thomas Crosbie Media, 2002.

I caught this on Google News this morning and thought the whole thing was worthy of reprinting.

The Next Frontier for the

The Next Frontier for the Home Theater: Motion Simulation. Surround sound is nothing anymore. Anyone who wants the ultimate home theater setup will have to get this: a $20,000 motion simulator from Canadian company D-Box. Called the Odyssee, the whole contraption fits underneath your seats or sofa, and moves you all around whenever there are explosions and stuff like that on screen. It works with DVD, TV, and video games (once this is cheaper this could really take off for car racing and flight simulator games). Right now to take full advantage of the Odyssee requires buying a special disc programmed with synchronized moves, and there are about fifty films that this is available for, like The Phantom Menace, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Top Gun. It also can interpret cues from the audio soundtrack of what you’re watching for other movies and normal television. Read… [Gizmodo]

I actually just saw a quick review of this on Fresh Gear. It seems interesting though obviously out of reach for almost everyone. The main advantages are that you don’t have to dig up your home to install this unit and you will be able to feel (and endure) up to 2 G’s of simulated action!

While actually not on the

While actually not on the rumor mill as long as say, an Apple PDA, the phone rumors have been milling pretty hard since MWNY. This article posted on ePrairie of all places says that Motorola Inadvertently leaked the pictures… if anything close to that comes out it will be a sure thing for me!

OpenTV to Buy Interactive TV

OpenTV to Buy Interactive TV Rivals ACTV and Wink

Media mogul John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp. reshuffled its interactive TV properties on Thursday, with Liberty-controlled OpenTV Corp. purchasing both rival ACTV Inc. and Liberty’s Wink Communications.

href=”” > has some amazing

href=”” > has some amazing shots of the new unit. This is a must see

for gadget maniacs. A bit beefier in the backside to accomodate the WLAN adapter

but still very slick. Also of note is the intense screen – running at up to 640×480

the high-res mode is simply amazing. **UPDATE ** was asked to remove the pictures posted today a great sign that this is real.

Sony’s liscensing of teh TiVo

Sony’s liscensing of teh TiVo software is paying off like mad for consumers. The future is looking even brighter with the news this morning that the PS2 will soon be able to handle PVR functions! So much for needing to buy a second TiVo for our apartment – problem solved! (I clearly realize that we will have to buy the addition..)

PS2 to pack in TV recording. Adding the ability to store TV shows on a hard disk could give Sony an edge over rival Microsoft, which is also eyeing home entertainment as an untapped source of revenue. [CNET]

This is exciting stuff and

This is exciting stuff and confirmed (must be the same source?) on PalmInfocenter. The new palm devices are getting closer and closer. Can’t wait to have to decide which way to go. My Palm m505 works great, but the future devices with ARM chips, OS5 and integrated bluetooth are what I am looking for.

Rumors Flying About Two New Sony Handhelds. ClieSource reports that Sony has two new handhelds on the way that share the form factor of the clamshell NR series. These new models, to be known as the NX series, will have 16MB of RAM, run Palm OS 5, and come with a CompactFlash slot that will take a Sony-branded 802.11b card but curiously won’t accept CF memory cards. One of the models will also come with a built-in camera with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. Read [Via PalmInfosource]… [Gizmodo]

We can only hope that

We can only hope that the results of this are excellent products, not more lawsuits, though I doubt there won’t be any more legal action. Not sure if this affects release dates on the pending palms…

PalmSource, Good Technology team up

Palm’s software group and start-up Good Technology are teaming to take on Research In Motion and attract more interest from large businesses.