It seems that iSync in

It seems that iSync in its current form does not much care for my Meeting Maker conduit. I went around a few times in order to figure out what caused a predictable crash in Conduit Manager. It would crap out writing between 3 and 400 items back up to Meeting Maker. I had to force overwrite my Palm Database once, which still did not fix things until I deleted the Addressbook.db file and started clean from Meeting Maker as the only active conduit overwriting my now blank calender on the palm.

I am now able to sync iSync – contacts only – and Meeting Maker for my Calendar. I also have SplashID, SplashShopper, SplashPhoto, Backup, Install and Vindigo running. iSync speed seems to have picked up considerably since I removed the iCal piece of the sync. It’s a shame but since I can schedule meetings based on availability of resources (people and rooms) with Meeting Maker I am currently better off there. I just won’t get to subscribe to other calendars, unless of course I run iCal without syncing… hmmm 2 calendars, it could be worse I guess.

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