First, why the Tungsten designation?

First, why the Tungsten designation? Two models will come with this new name but be differentiated by their concluding letter? Whatever.

The Palm Tungsten W looks like a winner though. Imagine a color Blackberry, that can handle up to 8 email accounts (pop or imap), make voice calls, browse the web, share voice and data connections over GPRS and topped off with a beautiful color screen and you are looking at the Palm Tungsten W. Except of course that the Palm, unlike the Blackberry will work with thousands of applications, sync with my Mac and not require backoffice integration to get my mail (assuming we don’t get forced to switch to Notes). The only thing strangely missing from this baby is integrated bluetooth and I can’t figure out why Palm did that…

Update – I just realized that this unit does not run Palm OS 5, and has the same processor as today’s units, the Dragonball VZ at 33MHz. Why Palm, why?

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