Now that the new Palms are here

Now that the new Palms are here, it finally occurred to me that choices are going to have to be made… As I often discuss with friends, we use the Palm OS so that automatically leans us in that direction vs a switch to PocketPC/SmartPhone, Symbian or even Blackberry. The new Palms look really nice and seem to be what I am looking for, though the more I think about it the more I wonder what do I really want?

Right now I think I want:

  • PIM functions like I have today that sync with my Mac.

  • Color Screen

  • Keyboard, add-on is OK

  • Wireless connectivity

  • Expansion

Wireless connectivity is where the problems lie… Do I want my email on and in-hand all the time? I need to figure that out because until I have a bluetooth phone I won’t be getting email while on the go without my laptop or like I do now – directly to my phone. As it stands today, Nextel, my carrier, does not make a bluetooth device. Though it is certainly possible that one is coming, nothing has been announced. In fact, the only future device that seems to coming from Nextel is an integrated Blackberry.

Nextel/Blackberry will give me PIM functions, and though different from Palm, they will work fine I am sure, though I don’t think there is a Mac solution for syncing…argh. There is no color screen option, and no expansion. The Blackberry does offer, always on email and a great keyboard.


Update Monday, October 28, 2002 at 9:50:04 AM

According to Wired News and Palm, the Tungsten T is designed only for periodic wireless access…

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