OSAF Chandler prototyping…

The link below was posted tonight on the OSAF Design list. After checking out, I am feeling good about the direction things are going. While not the most beautiful, it seems highly functional.

Andy Hertzfeld : “Vista is an experimental…: “Andy Hertzfeld: “Vista is an experimental prototype whose purpose is to quickly explore various design and feature ideas for Chandler, our networked personal information manager.”” Source: Scripting News

Just posted by Mitch Kapor on the OSAF list:

In the Chandler design process, we are going to think out loud. I promise you that. Some of the slowdown in OSAF responses and consequent new posts in the past two days is just a timing issue. Andy Hertzfeld’s has written long, illustrated piece about the prototype we did (called Vista) and what we learned. It’s just been posted to the web site and is linked off the front page. I think it will spark a new wave of discussion

ALSOP ON INFOTECH In the latest Fortune column, Stuart talks about Chandler as well. He makes it sound though like we are years away though from seeing some usable code. I hope it comes sooner and isn’t just for pushing Redmond into designing a better Outlook as he ponders…

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