I have to salute Salon

I have to salute Salon for taking the initiative and creating some interesting paths to their premium content. I just noticed (perhaps it has been there previously) that you can choose to click and experience an enhanced ad, (in my case a 4 page deeper look at the new E-Class) in order to gain a single day pass to the premium writing.

I really like this model and hope it works out for everyone involved. The site and advertiser get a multi-paged ad view…. I actually tried to jump to the last of the 4 pages too early and was told the average length stay was only 30 seconds and to be patient. After that I went through all the pages and got the apprpriate reward – full access for the rest of the day.

Giving my email was optional for more info, though something I would question if you are going to force the impressions and give the content, it would seem a worthwhile cost to the visitor.

In case you are curious as to what I was reading that was of such great interest, it’s an interview with Bob Kerrey, former Senator, Vietnam Veteran and currently President of The New School University on why we should support a regime change in Iraq.

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