For the past few weeks

For the past few weeks I have been having unbelieveable issues with Radio. It seems that Radio, which runs locally as a web server does not like to stay on all the time. In fact it prefers to be offline most of the time, but not officially so. What this means is that most of the time I try to post, or modify something, the server does not respond. I am forced to either restart the app, or stop and start the server. While this does not take that much time to do, it is incredibly annoying.

I have posted many times to the discussion group, but it seems that while others are also having this problem, there is no fix in sight. More and more this is becoming a deal breaker for me and I am looking to alternatives.

Right now I am considering a move to Moveable Type which would allow a great deal of new features to be added and a great deal of control to be had as well. It does mean though that I need to find an inexpensive host for the site. Another option could be This host is based on Manila, a close relative to Radio, which logic tells me should make it easier to migrate my past posts… If only they would return my email so I could know for sure. It would be great if they had a phone number posted, which is currently weighing heavily against them in the running.

Support is a key issue for me. Radio has NO manual. The support is minimal and only through the user community. This is not ok for an application you pay for.

BTW – Radio was not able to stay running long enough for me to finish typing this post and then publish it. I had to restart the server in order to complete the task.

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