Customer Service Issues

I rented a car from Hertz on Tuesday though I actually reserved it on Monday via their web site. Fortunately I had printed my confirmation notice since I did not receive the usual email confirmation. That came on Tuesday evening after I had returned the car. I have received two additional confirmations of my reservation, one Wednesday and one just now on Thursday – two days after the reservation.

I was only thoughtful enough to print out my reservation because I had rented another car over the weekend. When I went to pick it up, Hertz had no indication of me in the computer. SInce I could not give them my reservation number (my bad) they could not easily locate the car. After a call to HQ, they found a reservation for me in 2003! That is one year later – who would be that anal to reserve a car one year in advance…. Anyway, they had a car for me which saved the day, but since I was at the counter I could not get the same low rate I had reserved. The whole time I was thinking it was my fault thought weird to have selected 2003 on the site, it could have happened in my haste to get it done. When I got home however, I found my email confirmation (this one arrived minutes after I clicked) which listed my car for the correct day and year. Hertz refunded me the difference, but could not explain the error since the confirmation number was afterall in the computer.

Someone better get their shit together at Hertz IT. They are not a small company and can’t afford to mess it up this badly. I could always start renting from Avis…

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