Moxi / Digeo PVR in action!

This is one tasty machine… I’ve been hoping to see something from them since CES last January. Everything they have said is there and more with connectivity to external devices a very real possibility. Charter needs to launch this successfully so other cable systems can take advantage as well. Time Warner are you listening?

The Moxi product is the most powerful PVR system to be found today in this specific embedded market. It runs on a 733 Mhz C3 Cyrix x86 CPU, uses a Broadcom graphics chipset with dedicated video capabilities and is fully configurable by a cable provider. It comes with 40 GB of hard drive, but can easily use more than 100 GB. Moxi supports HDTV and has a TV-out (naturally), but no VGA output. Providers can customize the machine and the OS will also provide the required software for any additional peripherals (for example, a DVD or a CD-RW drive).

Moxi PVR — features, flexibility and DRM: “Paul Allen’s Digeo has demoed its Moxi PVR for OSNews. The device has got lots of sweet features — runs on GNU/Linux, allows for easy expansion, and will record both digital and analog TV signals. You can plug in CD burners or DVD players, and it doubles a videophone. On a disturbing note, though, the device apparently comes loaded up with DRM out of the box:

PCs are not secure enough for the PVR purpose, as most channel providers won’t like to see their content easily pirated. Moxi provides such security after special agreements with the cable provider or channels.


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