Thanks to some much needed assistance over the weekend I was able to import the full history of my Radio blog into the MT system.

As I previously noted this was no easy task. I tried to get the scripts from Jonathon Delacour to run but had too many issues with the config. I am not sure that the code is 10.2.2 friendly yet. I had also found a script from Aaron Swartz which did the trick. Thanks to everyone for their help – I am live (as you can see) here in MT-land.

Next steps are to tweak my templates, get the blogroll working, turn on categories and tweak some of the imported posts. For now though, I am VERY pleased with MT and how it all works. It is quite amazing to me how I allowed my experience to suffer using Radio. Oh well – lesson learned. I just wished I had waited longer to pay for it. I won’t make that mistake again.

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