Is Handspring Getting Desperate?

This morning I received my second email promoting the latest offer from Handspring: A FREE DVD Player with purchase with purchase of a Treo. Seems like a fairly big deal considering that the products are not related in any way and they would have to acquire them outside their normal channels. I wonder why a large memory card or some other handheld related accessory was not offered instead.

Speaking of desperate… I love the new Palm Tungsten T. I don’t have one yet, but Palm really wants to make sure I know it is here and available for next day delivery. They have sent me no fewer than 6 emails on the subject. These did come to two different addresses, but even 3 is a pretty high number.

Perhaps the newer lower cost PPC devices being shown at Comdex are making everyone nervous? Don’t know why they would… they run Pocket PC! 😉

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