Who links to you?

This is a cool way to scan the blog universe, (aka Cosmos) and see how you or sites you read are being referenced…

Who links to you?: “Find out at Technorati.  “Right now, we’re still building this site, so lots of things are still broken. Please don’t publicise it yet, we want to make sure that most of the kinks are worked out before we go live, but in the meantime, feel free to poke around.”  [link via evhead]

Source: jenett.radio

One Reply to “Who links to you?”

  1. Hey, thanks for the positive review! I actually found your site via a Watchlist I have set up on Technorati itself. If there’s any new features you’re interested in or stuff you like/dislike about the site, please let me know, because I’m interested in making Technorati an invaluable resource for bloggers and other netizens…

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