Freeware discoveries of the day

A great free WiFi network scanner was recently released called iStumbler. I had been using MacStumbler which is cool too though not as slick as iStumbler. You get a much cleaner picture of what you are looking at with each base station discovered including warchalk icons for security.

Another app, I may just be behind on finding but seems to work quite well is called Acquisition. It’s a gnutella client for OS X and has a simple but elegant interface. Check it out if you are like to search around…

Lastly for the day is RadioFree, also from xlife, the maker of Acquisition. It lets you record internet mp3 streams into files, you can burn or transfer to your iPod.

One Reply to “Freeware discoveries of the day”

  1. Interesting.
    I would never create a software and then give it away for free.
    What is the point? How am I going to get a reward for the work?
    If a dentist filled teeth for free he would die of starvation, wouldn’t he?

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