iTunes mayhem

So my iTunes app/library bit the dust. I started to get an error which repeated on startup which read – A fatal error occurred while saving the file ITunes 3 Music Library. Nice right? I deleted the prefs but something was seriously wrong as it returned soon after a relaunch. I tried to delete all 3 preference files, but the error was quite persistent in returning.

My solution was a bit tough perhaps, but since I could not find an answer on the Apple Support boards, I had no other choice but to start over. I did a backup of the iTunes library file and made a copy of that, just in case. Then I moved it away and relaunched iTunes as if it was being done for the first time.

Time to import… I dragged my collection into iTunes and then walked away. I have over 32GB of music, it was actually over 34GB, but I found a host of duplicates and files that were just old downloads of things I never listen to. After iTunes processed everything I had only to rebuild my playlists, which was actually quicker and easier than I expected. Since I keep my playlists sorted as albums, for easy listening and iPod syncing, i just sorted my library by album and highlighted each one to create a new list for each selected group.

Most of my music is either ripped from my collection or traded with friends, rather than straight downloaded to maintain a level of quality in the files. I was amazed at things I guess I never had listened to, or was keeping for some archival purpose. I was able to purge my system of about 2GB of Krap (the K is for emphasis). Anyway, I now am back on the air, listening to my music which has been reorganized beautifully with only a small sacrifice of time.

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