Not holding my breath yet, but please please with sugar on top?!

eWeek: Apple Tablet?: “Apple Tablet Rumors from rumors Matthew Rothenberg” Source: MacRumors

My sources sketch the following picture: A device that superficially resembles a large iPod with an 8-inch diagonal screen, lacks a keyboard, packs USB and FireWire ports, and runs Mac OS X along with a variety of multimedia goodies. I’m going to hazard a guess that this specimen also features wireless connectivity.

I’ve opined before that Apple is preparing to apply its InkWell handwriting-recognition technologies and its lengthy experience with portable design to a new product that puts a distinctive spin on the pen-driven paradigm currently being touted by Microsoft and its Tablet PC partners.

A compelling, stylish device that puts Mac OS X in a new form factor, plays to Apple’s multimedia strengths, and borrows momentum from the iPod’s success would fit the bill nicely—and point the company’s Mac OS X pitch in a dramatic new direction.

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