iCal and iSync updates are worthy

Both updates (including tonight’s update to iCal)are very strong and should be considered if you have not already done so. I have found that the way iSync now handles calendar events (from within the app, not the palm conduit) allows for a more sophisticated approach. You can choose which calendars to sync on each device as well as sync more than one calendar application. I can now sync my Palm, Meeting Maker and iCal.

Speaking of iCal… It has gotten a needed update in speed and responsiveness. I can now consider it my calendar of choice, though I do need to continually check through Meeting Maker in order to get notices through my office. This may actually get resolved in the next update to Meeting Maker as well since they have indicated support for iCal.

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  1. Hi – I was googling for information on synchronizing in a context of MeetingMaker, a Treo 600, and possibly using iCal’s ToDo list instead of the (poor) Palm application. Thus far, it’s looked to me like Mac Calendars and ToDo’s are linked but it sounds like you may have figured a way around this with multiple calendars. If you know how to do this, I’d be extremely grateful for advice here.

    Nice blog!

    thanks – don

  2. As I recall, I was doing a sync with the meeting maker conduit for calendar and using iCal via iSync for todos. Both then were 2 way on my Palm…

    I don’t use Meeting Maker anymore so I can’t say how well this may or may not still work.

    My Treo syncs great with iCal today though…

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