FTP through the Finder

I am not sure who knows this, but the Finder in OS X is capable as an FTP client. That’s right, you can transfer through the Finder via FTP directly without an app. It certainly won’t meet all your needs, but it does work.

I’ve known this for a while, but never seek it out as something to use… until today when my machine decided it was time. I received an email from Proteron suggesting I update my Lite Switch app to the latest version. Lite Switch is a better (in my opinion) application switcher than what Apple provides with Apple+Tab. When I clicked the link in Mail.app a finder window opened and the download began. Pretty cool and efficient. No browser windows to close when it was through…just a stuffit archive on my desktop.

In case you were wondering, my FTP client of choice is Transmit from Panic. It’s simple and reliable and has a very cool feature which lets you synchronize local and network volumes.

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