FullScreenSafari.ape 1.0

Safari has been really treating me well since I downloaded it, but one thing that has been driving me a bit nutty is how the windows open. My windows have been opening as if after the first one opens – cascading down. I guess I like things neat on screen and prefer the window locked in the upper left corner. I also prefer each new window to also take that placement and have been moving things there as needed. That is, until now.

FullScreenSafari.ape 1.0, which was just released prevents the cascading effect and keeps each window exactly where I like it. You need to use Application Enhancer from Unsanity which is freeware in order to activate this haxie. Enjoy!

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  1. I think this may have been discontinued… I can no longer find a reference anywhere… Not sure what the deal is.

    Please post if you find it!

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