Hiptop – $49 with rebate at Amazon…

The Danger Hiptop, offered only through T-Mobile at this point is now only $49 with rebates at Amazon.

I am planning a business trip to Amsterdam next week and immediately thought this would be a great new toy to take with me and be able to connected while on the go. The problem though is that the Sidekick is single-band 1900 GSM only and will only work in the US.

What the price cut leads me to believe is that the next generation sidekick is not far behind. You can count on at least a CDMA version, but I believe that a color, multi-band aka world capable device is coming. It is CES week and Danger has a booth, but no announcements just yet.

(The Sidekick needs to learn to sync to make it much more ideal as well, but that can always come as a software patch.)

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