PVR goodness just around the corner

The $99 Home Media Option will be downloadable to Series2 recorders from TiVo in the spring.

The new service will allow subscribers to remotely schedule the recording of shows over the Internet. Subscribers will be able to play music and videos as well as view photos from devices connected to the network. The new service also lets subscribers with more than one recorder share content on both recorders. For example, a show seen on a recorder in the living room can also be played on a recorder in a bedroom.

In related TiVo news, the company said that it has developed a DVR reference design that supports recording in high-definition television formats. In addition, the company has teamed with DirecTV to develop an HDTV DVR with TiVo service. HDTV offers higher quality video and audio playback over standard analog broadcasts.

Other manufacturers at CES also announced DVR products. TiVo licensee Toshiba said Thursday that it would begin shipping a combination DVD and DVR product in the second half of the year.

Consumer electronics maker Pioneer said earlier in the week that it would release two DVD recorders, including one with a hard drive. The $999 DVR-002H will come with an 80GB hard drive. The DVR-002H and the $625 DVR-001 will be able to rewrite to DVD-RW and record to DVD-R discs. Both will be available in the summer of 2003.

Source: News.com

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