Clutter your desktop with Album art

It’s called Clutter . The reason I wrote it is that I find that iTunes organizes stuff too neatly . When I buy music on CD, I keep the newish and in-vogue CDs lying around on my desk or on top of the stereo for a while. Then when I’m deciding what to listen to, my eye will be caught by one of them and I’ll decide to play it. But nowadays, when I either get music in MP3 form (from eMusic or epitonic ) or rip the CD and file it away, the only reminder of its existence is in iTunes, and I find that the new stuff vanishes away in a huge alphabetical list of everything I already have. And besides, I really like cover art and miss not having it around anymore.

So I decided to create a way to replicate that same very functional clutter on my computer. The app Clutter lets you make little windows that look like CD covers. Double-clicking one, or selecting it and hitting Space, tells iTunes to start playing that CD. That’s about it — here’s what it looks like:

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