Latest on Teen Texting Subculture

The phenomenon has businesses that cater to teenagers scrambling to keep up.
At MTV Europe, a number of text-oriented programs have been added.

Some MTV shows allow viewers to send in text messages that crawl across the screen during music videos — what better way to send a note to a friend? — and others allow texters to choose the next video to be played by casting a text vote for one of two options.

These “video clashes” are extremely popular, says Seth Schulte, vice-president of MTV’s Interactive Europe project. He said programmers who do not move into texting are missing important opportunities.

“The importance of this is huge,” he said. “It’s very important strategically in the sense that we know our audience is not afraid to adopt new media to consume — whether it’s the Internet or mobile — and the research we’ve done very clearly shows the audience is doing all of these things simultaneously, which is pretty staggering. They can consume four or five things at once.”

[Smart Mobs]

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