Pop diva Celine Dion pitches

The Chrysler arm of DaimlerChrysler AG is hoping pop diva Celine Dion can convince people to actually fall in love with Chrysler cars. [Auto.com]

The idea that the cars are so great to drive and so beautifully designed that they inspire passion is behind Chrysler’s new brand slogan “Drive & Love,” which has changed slightly from last year’s tag line “Drive-Love.”

Buzz words like passion, romance and emotion are featured in the new advertising campaign, which debuts Sunday on leading U.S. television networks.

“Drop-dead gorgeous cars, that’s what this is about,” Bill Morden, vice chairman and chief executive officer of BBDO Detroit, the ad agency that created the new campaign, told a news conference on Wednesday.

Calling Dion an “ambassador of love,” he said she was an “absolute knock-dead gorgeous person” and an ideal pitchwoman for Chrysler. “She’s a megastar,” he said.

I’m not sure about you, but Celine Dion does not equal love for me. While the cars certainly are beautiful (well, the Crossfire anyway) the campaign ran with such a high frequency last night it’s already old and tired.

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